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Google Docs and Evaluation

The emerging technology of google docs has shown the way how learning can be assessed, evaluated and graded using ICT just sitting back in your home. This tool has the ability to engage students and in fact it has been my obsession since I discovered it. I have seen a few teachers using it and believe me none of them are dissatisfied. It not only collects student answers at one single space but also have the ability to show their grades or scores. For a teacher it can be no better than this to have answer scripts of students preserved online at one place. If you want to have a look at what I have done then go to my wiki.

If you have been using Gmail for some time then you must have seen Google Docs also. For a teacher spreadsheet can be used for evaluating students’ learning that too online.

You may be wondering how to go about it? Then follow these procedures.

Step 1: Open a new spreadsheet from Google Docs.
Sept 2: Rename it by clicking the default untitled spreadsheet and then click share button on the right of your screen.
Step 3: Select Fill out your Form and then click start editing your form. Step 4: Write the question in the Question Title “What is your Name?” and fill in any help text (some added instructions). Click Add a question. In this box write “What is the name of your school?” You can repeat this process for your questions. Choose appropriate type of question from Question Text. Once finished click Done.
Step 5: Next choose recipients. You can change custom confirmation message as per your requirements.
Step 6: Click embed button and copy the code and then paste it on HTML widget/post in your blog or wiki. There you can resize it as per your requirement by changing height and width values.
Your form will automatically collect the information filled in the form and save them in the spreadsheet. Do not tamper with your spreadsheet because it is controlled by your form. Now you will have spreadsheet similar to this with name of each student who took the test, his/her school & answers to the questions.

If you want to show the scores then follow these instructions.

Step 7: You can see that A column shows the timestamp, B shows the Name of student and C & beyond show the answers of the students. Suppose the answers end at J column then at K write the score obtained by the students.
Step 8: Now Click Add sheet button on left bottom corner. Go to new sheet and enter formula =SHEET1!B1 in cell A1. Similarly write same formula =SHEET1!K2 in cell B1. This will give you the name of student and his/her score in sheet 2 automatically.

Step 9: See the link Insert Plugin or Gadget near Print button at the top right corner. Click it and select Column Chart draw a chart of scores.
Step 10: In the Range box give range SHEET2!A1:B100 and then give chart title, axis title and then click Apply. You can now see the Column Chart showing scores of your students.
Step 11: To embed it in your blog or wiki you must click the drop down arrow on the chart at top right corner and select Publish. Copy the code given in HTML and paste it in your blog.
By this way whenever there is any entry and you have given a score it will be shown in the Chart in your blog or wiki.
Now Enjoy your class! I have done it at my wiki. Have a look and comment.

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