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Blogging Techniques in Classroom


Ben A. said...

Thanks for the great slideshow on classroom blogging. One of my projects for the summer is incorporating blogging into my units. I'm still working out the logistics, but I found an ebook at http://www.dedicatedteacher.com called "Blogging in the Classroom" that has been a big help to me in getting ready for September. As the slideshow said, blogging is an efficient way to promote discussion and publish student work and I'm expecting it to be a great tool in my classes. Excellent post!

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Thanks for sharing with us the slideshow on classroom blogging. I certainly picked up a few tips there :)

Also, I noticed that you even used on of my presentation slides (slide 3), which is cool :)

They are coming to good use without my knowledge.

As long as someone can benefit from them, then why not :)

Have a great week learning :)

Warm Regards,


Suryaveer Singh said...

Thanks for reminding what I wanted to write in this post alongwith the slide show. I indeed used your slide and also learnt the wordart styles which you have noticed.
Thanks for the e-learning given to me!

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